Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash
Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

I have already written about ChatGPT, and how I believe we have hit an inflection point in Industry 4.0. To get on board with ChatGPT as quickly as possible as a Chief of Everything (COE), I posed a challenge to myself.

I pledged to:

  1. Integrate as much automation into my daily work as possible
  2. Try to use my own infrastructure and code, when possible
  3. Maintain my focus on the Chief of Everything (COE)
  4. Have a ChatGPT-based agent take over all communications on my behalf

Many people have already written about some of the things that ChatGPT makes possible, but much of the noise describes superficial applications, as if ChatGPT were like a robotic exoskeleton. I am striving for something much deeper.

I hope that my challenge to integrate ChatGPT into my daily work has the potential to bring significant benefits in addition to the anticipated increase in efficiency and time savings. I look forward to seeing the results of this challenge and sharing my experience with other COEs. I invite others to explore the possibilities of using language models like ChatGPT in their own work and see the potential benefits for themselves. Let me know. Better yet, submit a post that we can put on the!