Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash

You have surely heard of the “CEO”, which of course means “Chief Executive Officer”. I would like to introduce a new role: COE. This is not to be confused with CEO.

tl:dr COE means “Chief of Everything”.

Technology has allowed masses of people to start their own businesses and become more productive. Now, it is possible for one person to support many roles and complete incredibly varied tasks. We are now, compared to before, ultra productive.

This does not necessarily mean that our lives are better. It just means that we have more things to think about. It means taking care of everything.

COEs exist as freelancers. They head small companies. They even manage entire projects within the large enterprise. It is not where you are, or what type of company you work for, or whom you report to; it is the nature of the work that determines whether or not you are a COE.

Marketing tools help you promote your business to your potential customers, and can help you avoid the need to hire an expensive advertising firm. But you have to do it.

Sales automation tools help make you more efficient as you negotiate your services and deal with your customers. You no longer have to hire a sales person. But you have to do it.

Accounting software puts you back in control of your finances, and can help avoid the need to hire an accountant. But you have to do it.

These are just the obvious examples. Most examples are more subtle. For instance, most secretarial tasks are now automated. You no longer hire a person to book appointments or do your shopping. You do it.

Face it, you do everything. You are the Chief of Everything, or COE.